6 Benefits To A Childs Health Through Music

6 Benefits To A Childs Health Through Music

it has been proven that learning in one area can lead to improvements in other areas. this is known as the transfer effect.
in this blog, i talk about 6 ways through teaching music, i feel benefits a childs confidence, wellbeing, intelligence and health. 

1. Improves memory

as a teacher of various instruments and band sessions, i have found that a childs memory tends to improve as the weeks go on. They say some kids learn better through song, lyrics or a beat.
This has been applied to studying for GCSe's, a-levels and degrees into a childs future.

2. It teaches patience and persistence

sometimes is is necessary to repeat sequences, or to work within a group where peers need to wait whilst i help others. early on in a term kids will struggle with this, but after a few weeks, they have learnt to engage with their friends, help out people who are lost, or simply to be respectful and wait. 

3. Cultivates social skills

i don't only teach 1 on 1 lessons, i also teach band sessions. It's in these sessions i see social skills develop more and more. Best friends have been made through my band sessions. Kids that don't have natural social skills learn a skill in which they can talk about with any of their peers. This leads me on the my number 4. 

4. Builds confidence.

I cannot recommend a better skill to have than music when building a childs confidence.
I have had many of my kids come in on a 1 on 1 basis. they are shy and unsure. after sometimes many weeks of teaching them, eventually they learn to trust you. some of these kids are now my most talented, skilful and confident children i have at my school. performing, singing or playing, allows a child to come out of their shell and become this 'musician alter-ego' if you will. They act and perform and become someone they inspire to be. we put on a show at the end of every term, this is where our kids shine. their parents and friends come to watch them and with more and more positive enforcement, they become more and more confident by the day. 

5. Improves listening skills and creates a sense of responsibility.

    During my sessions, i teach kids from completetly different backgrounds, and a completely different attitude towards life. One thing i find music helps teach, is the ability to listen. unless my kids listen, ultimately they won't learn. the kids who come to jam love what they do and are passionate about listening. The more they listen, the more they learn and every week they get better and better at listenign as well as playing.
    Kids who are lucky enough to own their own instrument, whether a guitar, a bass, a drum kit or even a tambourine or microphone will treasure their instrument more and more as their ability grows. They will learn to protect, clean and love it. This helps them gain responsibility for their possessions. 

    6. Communication.

    some kids struggle to get their words across and feel like they can't be heard. this can often lead to bad behaviour. music often gives a child the ability to communicate without words. kids can communicate with each only with music. it's amazing. 

    My love for teaching and passing on music to the new generation never fails to amaze me. 
    "music will tell you more about me, then i ever will" 

    if you are interested in getting your kids into music.
    please don't hesitate to contact me on joe@jammusicschool.co.uk

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