One to one Singing Lessons

Whether it's to impress at Karaoke, or you want to become a vocalist; all ages welcome!

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Singing lessons, in Tunbridge Wells and Kent.

One to One Singing Lessons for kids, teens and adults

Our private singing lessons are a great way to improve your vocal skills. Our in-house singing teacher can help you learn proper breath control, how to use your vocal range, as well as learning about the music theory behind your notes. One of the benefits of having a private singing tutor is they are able to feedback on areas of strength and help progress the areas to make you a better vocalist. While singing the songs you love our lessons are well worth it if you're serious about becoming a better singer. Kids singing lessons can be a lot of fun. If you have a child who loves to sing, private lessons can help them develop their talent and technique. And if you're looking for something unique and special for kids, why not try singing lessons? It's a great way to bond with your child while helping them develop their musical skills.


Join us for singing lessons in Tunbridge Wells

We're so excited to welcome you to JAM. Lisa our incredibly talented vocal coach, will help guide students from ages 5+, to teens and adults. If you've been wanting to try something new, or give your kids a creative outlet, our vocal lessons are for you!

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"Teaching kids and teens that their voice matters, not just in singing, but in life, is what makes this job so special"


What are the benefits of taking private singing lessons?

There are many benefits to singing lessons like learning the basics of vocal technique and how to use your voice properly whether you are a beginner or a seasoned performer. With the help of a singing tutor, you can also develop your singing ability and range through vocal exercises and practice singing with a singing coach. In addition, singing lessons can help you to build confidence in your singing voice and improve your stage presence. Whether you want to pursue singing professionally or just enjoy singing for fun, taking lessons is a great way to improve your vocal skills.

  • Do singing lessons really work?

    The short answer is YES! One of the main reasons that having professional vocal coaches work is down to their experience and musical ear which very few people have from the outset. Just like learning to ride a bike before it becomes second nature, using your vocal cords is not too dissimilar. Yes, we use them to talk, sing in the shower, but learning an ear and how to manipulate your voice, requires some expert help. The main role of a voice coach is to teach you how to move your voice. From head voice to chest voice, your middle voice and how to seamlessly move through your breaks. Whether its breath support, vocal health, or simply learning how to get over stage fright and feel the confidence when you're performing, a good teacher will be able to guide you through all the ups and downs of learning your singing technique.

    Once you feel comfortable and have reached your first set of goals, you might be ready (or sometimes need some encouragement) to join a JAM band. We pride ourselves on our JAM bands, giving kids the confidence they never knew they had, learning so many skills along the way, our bands are an amazing opportunity for kids to be around their peers with one thing in common, the absolute love of music. These group lessons in a band environment not only show off you or your child's new found vocal skills, but it's the ultimate JAMmin' experience, and so much fun!

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  • How do our singing lessons at JAM work?

    Based in the centre of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, we welcome you to United Reformed Church, offering incredible acoustics in a super convenient location our one to one singing lessons are available from ages 5, through to teens and adults. Whether you're a beginner who's just starting out, or an experienced singer looking to refine your vocal technique, our singing lessons can give you the tools you need to reach your full potential. 

    Join us on a trial singing lesson to get a feel for our teachers and JAM team. Lisa, our vocal coach will give you a warm welcome to JAM Music School. On the trial you will discuss what you'd like to achieve, whether you're here for a hobby and something fun to do, or you want to pursue a career in singing, she will help guide you in the right direction where you can set up a customised plan to reach your goals. Learning music by singing to your favourite songs, what can be better?!

    After your first lesson, you may be ready to start a full term with us and our vocal coaches and start stretching those vocal cords. If so, Lisa will start getting to know your unique vocal tone and styling and will be able to start helping mould you into the musician you can't wait to become!

    With our music lessons, our singing tutors and singing teachers will be able to focus on advanced vocal techniques and voice training as well as tailoring songs for you to sing based on your likes but also you vocal registers and vocal style. It's here in these professional voice training classes you'll learn more about developing your musical ear, which is so important for a budding musician.