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Piano Lessons and Keyboard Lessons, Tunbridge Wells

One to one piano and keyboard lessons

Anyone who has ever tried to learn piano knows that it takes a lot of practice and patience. For those who don't have the time or tools to practice on their own, our one to one private piano lessons are a great way to improve your skills. Private piano lessons with our qualified piano and keyboard teacher can help you to learn quicker and have fun while doing it. We provide piano and keyboard lessons for kids starting from age 5, to teens and adults. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, piano lessons can help you or your child progress in your playing and start jamming out to your favourite tunes. It's never too late to start learning!


Piano & Keyboard Lessons

At JAM, we teach piano and keyboard lessons for kids aged 5+, teens and adults. From beginners to advanced levels, our expert tutors will help take your playing to the next level while jammin' out!

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Is paying for piano lessons worth it?

If you're lucky enough to have a piano in your house, you may have already given playing a go and soon realised you may need some help! The piano is a beautiful instrument and everyone will develop their own learning style over time. The benefit of music teacher is simply to take your raw talent and help mould you with tips and tricks to get you to become a better musician faster than if you taught yourself. For complete beginners who may find a new instrument a little daunting, our private teachers are on hand to reassure your children in a relaxed and safe environment.

  • Take lessons with a piano teacher in Tunbridge Wells

    Whether you're a music theory enthusiast or just looking to play the piano for fun, professional piano lessons are a great way to improve your skills. But what's the difference between taking piano lessons and keyboard lessons? Piano students learn to read music and understand musical theory, while keyboard students focus on honing their performance skills. Both types of lessons can be beneficial, at JAM we'll help you choose the right type of lesson for your individual needs and set your goals. If you or your child is hoping to play the piano professionally, then piano lessons are likely the better choice. However, if you're simply looking for a fun way to relax and express yourself, then keyboard lessons may be a better fit. With that being said, there are many very famous keyboard players rocking out as we speak, so really you make the rules! We'll just follow your lead and help guide you with our expertise. No matter what your goal is, our one to one professional lessons can help you reach your full potential as a musician.

  • How do piano lessons work at JAM Music School?

    Nestled in the heart of Tunbridge Wells, based in the optimal acoustics of the United Reformed Church, we will welcome you to your first piano lesson. Joe will talk through your current piano skill level, what you would like to achieve, and what your favourite music is. A good piano teacher will always listen to your needs first, understand your style and help your develop into it.

    Our one to one piano lessons will help provide you with a taster of whats to come. After your trial, you can sign up to your first JAM term. Full of learning piano pieces, discussing the best piano course, and jammin out to your favourite songs, you'll soon fall in love with the challenge of the art of playing the piano. Joe is a professional piano teacher, teaching many many students over the years, many who now play in bands all around the world.

    Our music lessons and music teachers at JAM Music School are dedicated to providing you or your child or teen with the best rock n roll music experience. After a term of playing piano, you might be ready to join your very first JAM band session. Here we will pair your child with other budding musicians of similar ages to start to really put into practise what they've learnt in a fun and social setting. Teaching kids more than just the art of the piano, we teach confidence and stage presence when performing.

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  • How many years does it take to learn piano?

    Some of the very best players in the world have been playing since before they could talk, and some of our kids at JAM are no exception, starting from ages 5+ our kids find their confidence playing the piano very quickly. But that is not to say there is ever a perfect age, or time. You don't need musical understanding to start, and with some practise you or your child can be rocking out within 1 term. The beauty of music is that our piano lessons are available to all ages and experiences. Whether you read sheet music or not, whether you prefer classical music or rock music, our piano teachers will welcome you into the world of music, where anything goes!

    Our kids learn so quickly to express themselves through their music, giving them permission to their own voice and individuality, which particularly in teen years is so important.

  • How much do piano lessons cost?

    Our piano and keyboard lessons cost £22.50 per 30 minutes. Our band sessions are £22.5 per 1 hour. We can't wait to welcome you to JAM!
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