One to One Drum Lessons

Whether you would love to play in a band, get into the music industry or you simply want to relieve some stress, drum lessons are for you!

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Drum lessons, in Tunbridge Wells and Kent.

One to One Drum Lessons

Anyone who's ever walked by a drum set in a music store has probably felt the urge to sit down and start playing. There's just something about the drums that calls out to be played. And kids are especially drawn to them. If your child has expressed an interest in playing the drums, then private drum lessons are a great way to begin! We offer one to one drum lessons to kids aged 5+, teens and adults, from beginners to experienced players. Learn to play the drums like the legendary drummers (we know you have a drum idol, who doesn't?)


Drum Lessons

At JAM, we are always interested in knowing what a student wants to achieve - whether they want to learn how to play a drum solo or just songs from their favourite bands; or whether it's working on qualifications or pieces with sheet music. Julien, our JAM drum teacher can offer a varied style of teaching to suit his students needs.

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"I love seeing what my students can accomplish and feel proud when they achieve their goals"


What are the benefits of taking drum lessons?

For one thing, kids who take drum lessons learn how to stay focused and concentrate on one task for an extended period of time. This is a valuable skill that will benefit them in other areas of their life, such as schoolwork and hobbies. Drumming also requires coordination and motor skills, which kids can develop through lessons. In addition, drumming is a great way for kids to relieve stress and express themselves creatively. And finally, playing the drums is just plain fun! 

  • Private drumming lessons

    Drum instructors, drum students, drum tutors, professional drummers. All of these people have one thing in common: they all love drums! Whether it's the thumping beat of the bass drum, the sharp crack of the snare, or the eerie wail of the cymbals, there's something about drumming that just gets people going.

    For drum legends, teaching others how to play drums is a labor of love. Julien is no exception. He takes great pride in helping his students progress, and watching them grow as drummers. Drum students, on the other hand, are often driven by a desire to be the best. They want to practice tirelessly and strive to achieve perfection in their playing. Whatever your drumming journey looks like, whether you or your child is interested in playing drums to simply have an outlet for their feelings, or whether they are striving to drum like the red hot chili peppers, we have lessons for all skill levels and ages.

  • How do our drum lessons work?

    In the centre of Tunbridge Wells, Julien will welcome you to a risk free trial drum lesson for either yourself or your child. Drum lessons are available from ages 5+. Our private drum lessons are ideal for drummers to learn and improve their skills. In a private lesson, you will work one-on-one with our drum teacher; you can set your own pace and focus on the areas that you want to improve. A great benefit of our in person classes is that the JAM drum kit will be ready for you to jump onto without needing to invest yourself.

    Julien prides himself on his technique, and the time he spends getting to know his students, understanding what level they're currently at, playing style, what they want to achieve, and what their favourite songs are. If you're just starting off, we recommend coming for the first lesson to get a feel for our drum teachers and team. Our drum teacher will show you how to hold the drumsticks correctly, how to play different rhythms, and how to use different techniques. Live performances are an important part of drum lessons. The goal is to help you improve your drumming skills and ability to be placed into a JAM band. Here you or your child can really show off and have a chance to feel the satisfaction of what has been achieved in the drum lesson while JAMmin' out and having fun! You or your child will have the opportunity to watch some of our best drummers perform in a band, and get to perform in their very own JAM band at the end of term. Whether you choose band lessons, or one to one private lessons, our drum lessons will help you or your kid with the confidence and passion to be the best drummer they can be.


Drum Grades

Yes, we may not take sheet music to our gigs, but for our budding musicians looking to turn their practise into a possible job one day, we offer training for their drum grades ready to prepare our students for the day they become the next Chad Smith.

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  • The unconventional and unique JAM way.

    When looking for music lessons, drums are one of the most popular. We don't do things the 'read some sheet music' and do things by the book kind of way. The reason is; because we don't think it works. Not as well as the JAM way. Learning any instrument is a learning curve, and for those with no prior experience, it can sometimes be daunting, so our philosophy is that unless you're having fun, you're not going to be absorbing as much information. We teach our students to use their intuition to develop an ear for not just what they're playing, but also the other players around them. We start this from the outset, so they don't need to be at advanced level for this. We believe that being around all ages of JAM students, gives your kids an unlimited access of wealth and knowledge from other students, constantly developing them, regardless of skill levels. We listen to our JAM students, giving them their own voice, learning rhythm by jammin to their favourite tune, we teach them confidence by learning how to perform and rectify their mistakes, our teaching is a modern and safe rock 'n' roll, and we wouldn't have it any other way! (sorry sheet music!).

  • Learn to play the drums at JAM Music School

    If you or your child is looking to start playing drums, look no further than joining us at United Reformed Church, Tunbridge Wells. 

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