Music Grades at JAM

From GCSE music, to A level, then onto prestigious schools such as BIMM, BRIT and London College of Music, most schools will require at least Grades 4-5 upwards to attend. At JAM we are perfect middle men to get you to this stage or higher ready for you to soar.

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Grades, what they mean and why you might want them some day.

If you've come to JAM, you should be able to, in theory, advance ahead of your peers to higher grades, because you're used to playing in a band, used to analysing music that you're listening to, you've got a few performances under you belt.
The grades here at JAM really help support getting you into the schools you really want to attend to start your journey in the music industry. We offer different grades per instrument, which you can see below. We have handpicked the best syllabuses on the market per instrument for the best outcome for our students.

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